Thursday, June 23, 2011

Complain! Complain! Complain!

I just don’t understand people who like to complain all the time
Even though most of the facilities are prepared for them for free
Yet, they still complain whenever there is something wrong with any of the facilities
They start to curse or throw tantrums to the authorities
Blaming them for what have happened
Worst of all, they don’t try to fix the problem or try to find any alternatives
Or use the right channel to pose their problems to the right people
But, all they do is complaining all the time on the Facebook
It is very irritating, you know.

To me, these people are very disgraceful and disrespectful at the same time
They want the whole world to know about their problems
They want the whole world to know how bad the management is
Yet, they do nothing to change the status quo or solve the problems
It’s shameful.

To me, sometimes we need to try living in a minimalist condition
Be thankful with what have been prepared for us
Although sometimes the facilities don’t seem to be very comfortable
But, what matters most is how we perceive the problem
How we can adapt ourselves to the difficult situation
Don’t simply accuse others of not doing their job
Or easily throw tantrums at them whenever something goes wrong
Exercise your rights and be bold enough
To bring the problem up to the right people by using the right way
So that they realise what the problem is and do something about it.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Stressful Me

Sometimes, I lose motivation in doing my work

When this happens, a chain reaction will occur
I will procrastinate and delay
By thinking that there will still be a time for me to do it later
Even knowing that I will need to struggle to finish it last minute
Sacrificing my sleep time to burn the midnight oil
Eventually, I will be stressed out
Just to complete everything.

When I feel so lazy to do my work
I notice that I will devour more food than usual
Watching movies more often
Hanging out with friends more frequently
Driving a car around the town aimlessly
Just to kill so- called free time.

My favourite hobby, hehehe...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another Tiring Week

Last week was also another busy and tiring week for me. I had so many things to deal with, tasks, assignments, marching practice, English Language society and finally, the ‘I Gaya, I Malaysia’  run. Sometimes, I feel like 24 hours a day is not enough for me to do all my things. But, I realise that it is not the quantity of time that matters, but the way we manage our things is far more important. Most importantly, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!
I am really engrossed to write about the ‘1 Gaya, 1Malaysia’ event, where all the participants needed to run for about 5 KM for boys and 3 KM for girls. Actually, I did not want to participate in this event at first. But, due to some administrative matters, I had to join although to be frank, I was half- hearted.
Talking about the run, I managed to finish the run! Let me repeat it, I FINISHED THE RUN! Although I was not the first to cross the finishing line but at least I FINISHED it and I was not the last one to arrive. It was quite a satisfaction actually when you reached the finishing line because before the run, I did not think I was able to do it. I then realised that in order to achieve something great, we need to be positive and believe in our abilities.
All the tired faces after finishing the run.

P/s: The exam is coming and all the assignments need to be handed in.